About Best Products Pro

We’re on a mission to simplify buying decision for consumers by offering unbiased, in-depth product reviews based on testing, expert opinions and various reviews online.

Best Products Pro Mission

We’re on a mission to simplify buying decision for consumers by offering unbiased, in-depth product reviews based on testing, expert opinions and various reviews online.

Our Editorial Policy

In order to better understand how we review and rank products, please see our editorial process bellow:

  1. We choose which products to review based on our visitor feedback. You can always request a certain type of product or a specific product to be reviewed using our contact form.
  2. Once we decide which product type to review, our authors perform an extensive research to find 5 to 15 best products of that type. The research consists of reading opinions of bloggers in the space, various reviews found online (Amazon, ShopperApproved, Trust Pilot, Trust Radius and many others).
  3. When we decide which products to include in a roundup, we order all products on Amazon in order to personally test them for quality and usability.
  4. Our authors then combine all information gained from testing, online reviews and write up an in-depth review of each product, buyer’s guide on using the product and answering the frequently asked questions about the product.
  5. From time to time, we review more complex products which require a specific skillset to use. In that case, we invite 3-5 experts in the field and ask them to participate in the review process. An example of this would be automotive diagnostic scanners where we invite a professional mechanic to participate since our authors couldn’t properly evaluate product value.
Each review we publish has to have:
  1. Proper introduction to explain what is the product and how it can benefit consumers.
  2. Comparison table to compare the most important characteristics and facts about the products being reviewed.
  3. Frequently asked questions to answer common problems & doubts.
  4. In-depth testing results and review for each product.
  5. Buyer’s guide to educate consumers about the product.
  6. At least two third party testimonials / reviews (unedited).
  7. Expert opinion for products that require deep expertise in the field.
  8. Conclusion to sum it up.

Please watch this quick video which explains Best Products Pro editorial policy and our values:

Imprint Magazine Joins Best Products Pro

Best Products Pro has recently acquired www.impringmagazine.org to join those two brands together on a mission to simplify buying decision for consumers.

The URL http://www.imprintmagazine.org/ is going to be redirected to https://www.bestproductspro.com on November 24th 2018.

Our Team

We’re a location independent team of authors, marketers and designers. We test all kind of products & publish in depth reviews to help people make the best buying choice


Vladimir founded the website. He’s leading the team, doing marketing work & website maintenance. 



Milica is editor & designer. She makes sure every article is perfectly designed, proofread & fact checked.

Milica Stevanovic


Tijana is a copywriter and a fashion designer. She mostly writes about fashion and likes to review beauty products.

Tijana Milunovic


Katarina is the first author on Best Products Pro. She mostly writes about tech & photography related products.

Katarina Bukvic

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How to Contact Best Products Pro

There are several ways you can contact us:

  • Using our contact form here.
  • Main point of contact: Vladimir Bestic
    • Phone number: +381643755569
    • Mailing address: Niska 30, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

If you’re looking to leave feedback specific to product you can use the floating feedback button on the right of every review article.